Lotus365 is a company in India that has an attractive sportsbook. The bookmaker provides different options for players to choose betting creation. Easy transactions in INR and even the use of Paytm, IMPS, GPay, GPay, UPI, PhonePe, Net Banking, and bank transfers are allowed. It is possible to create bets on cricket, tennis, Lotus 365 football, horse racing, greyhound racing, and other sports at this betting shop in India. There is a WhatsApp support service to make customer service comfortable. 

Lotus 365 Sports Bonus  

Lotus 365 bonus for sports betting fans from India

Every player in India likes to get extra bonuses and Lotus 365 betting office provides this. Various promotions and bonuses at this bookmaker in India for existing users, and also for newcomers are offered. In India, the user needs to log in to the specified site, the next action is to go to the account, find the section with promotions and bonuses, then choose any one that exists and you can use them. At the moment, this bookmaker has an easy-to-find welcome bonus on sports. The promotions and bonuses at Lotus 365 right now are as follows:

  • 5% bonus on every deposit for all customers;
  • Exclusive cashout and other bonuses;  
  • 400% sign-up bonus for new users.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on sports on Lotus 365 website

Customer reviews can often be seen based on the advantages and disadvantages of the company. If we consider the pros of Lotus 365, they are as follows:

  • A wide selection of sports games is given
  • Lotus 365 has a Curacao license
  • Different offers and bonuses are easy to find on the bookmaker’s website
  • An Android app is available
  • There is a user-friendly website interface
  • There is a WhatsApp support service

The disadvantages of the specified bookmaker of India are also available:

  • Low coverage of unpopular tournaments

How to Bet on Sport on Lotus 365?   

Step-by-step instructions on how to start betting on sports at Lotus 365

Lotus 365 sports betting allows you to bet on basketball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, hockey, tennis and others. In India, this betting site has a sports section with over 30 different sports. To understand how bets are allowed to be created in India, follow the steps:  

  1. Log in to your account. It is important to go to the Lotus 365 website through your browser, or register;        
  2. Deposit funds. Deposit with this bookmaker in India in a convenient way;   
  3. Select a sport. It is required to open the main page of this bookmaker and select a sports discipline; 
  4. Check the markets. Choose any game in India and then examine the offered betting markets and select any one; 
  5. Study the odds. Study the odds of the specified bookmaker, then choose your favorite one; 
  6. Fill in the betting coupon. After selecting the market to bet on, the bettor needs to specify the bet amount in INR and complete the operation. 

Lotus 365 Types of Sports

Sports available for betting on Lotus 365 online bookmaker's website

Lotus 365 India users are lucky because the bookmaker has more than 30 types of sports. These include basketball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, hockey, tennis and others. To talk more about the popular sports at this bookmaker, study the information below.


Lotus 365 cricket is a sports team game and 11 people are participating. Cricket fans in India can create bets on different championships like the Indian Premier League, Test Series The Ashes, World Cup, Big Bash League (Women), and T20 World Cup. Popular betting markets are team wins, First innings overs.  


For soccer betting, Lotus 365 allows you to select championships by country. There are betting options on the Serie A, Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup qualifiers, and others. There are different betting markets at the bookmakers in India on soccer: betting on the winner, handicap, both teams to score, first half betting, double chance, and many more. Popular championships are the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga and others.


Tennis is popular for users in India and the odds change frequently during the game. It is allowed to create bets at Lotus 365 on the following markets: individual game total, odd/odd game total, double fault total, tie-break (yes/no), match winner, and others. There are WTA Elite Trophy Doubles, Australian Open Women, US Open Women, WTA Elite Trophy, US Open Men, and French Open Women.


In baseball, players use a bat and a ball on the field. In India, Lotus 365 users can bet on popular championships – Japan (NPB), USA (MLB), Republic of Korea (KBO League), Mexico (Liga Mexicana del Pacifico), Dominican Republic (LIDOM), and Venezuela (LVBP). Betting markets are Total, Match Winner (including extra innings), Win Difference (including extra innings), Handicap (including extra innings), and others. 


Basketball is often unpredictable, which is what makes it such an attractive sport. Basketball tournaments in dozens of countries are held at Lotus 365, and this office allows you to create bets on them. There are different markets, such as total, quarter prediction, win, handicap, and others. Famous leagues are the International (Euroleague), USA (NBA), Italy (Serie A), Germany (BBL), France (Pro A), and Spain (Liga ACB). 

Lotus 365 Live Streaming 

Live sports betting on Lotus 365 online bookmaker's website

Lotus 365 takes sports betting to a new level, which offers the ability to create live bets in India and watch live streaming of major games. Live streaming allows users of the said bookmaker to make important decisions and adapt their strategies depending on what is happening at the game. Live streaming can be seen at the bookmaker in India for major games of cricket, tennis, soccer, and others.

Lotus 365 Sports Betting Features

Features and positive sides of sports betting on Lotus 365

The bookmaker is popular in India and now you will find out why so. That is, Lotus 365 players will see high odds, handicap betting, live betting, and more. Details below.

High Odds

One of the best features of Lotus 365 in India that attracts players is high odds. This bookmaker in India high odds compared to similar companies has, for example in soccer and tennis. Given the wide range of betting options, markets, and high odds, the office is very attractive.

Live Bets

Live betting is a great option for beginners and experienced players. Here they are available in soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and others. Thanks to the ability to create live bets, you can immediately understand who is the leader in a given game, even without relying on statistics. Especially Lotus 365 in India has live streaming available for big matches, which makes it easy to create live bets.

Handicap Bets 

Handicap in sports betting is an opportunity to equalize the strength of the teams. And to the final result/score of one of the teams is added/added a pre-announced handicap. The bookmaker determines the winner after this addition. Lotus 365 in India also has a handicap.

Lotus 365 Types of Bets 

Types of sports betting offered by Lotus 365

Lotus 365 types of bets have many differences. Now let’s take a look at what types of bets are available in India.


Moneyline is a bet where there can be 2 or 3 outcomes depending on the sport. There are favorites and outsiders in the games. When creating user bets on Moneylines, they select 1 player or team to win. Either the selected team will win, then the player will get his money according to the odds, or the player was unlucky and there was a loss.

Point Spread

Point Spread is the expected score difference based on the completion of a game between 2 teams. Point Spread has negative as well as positive numbers. For example, if the point spread is 2 points, it would appear as “-2”. The team that is the favorite gets a minus number (-2) and the underdog team gets a plus number (+2). 


Totals – the quantitative value of any event in volleyball, handball, basketball, soccer, and other sports disciplines. You can create bets on Total Over/Under. For example, the number of points in basketball for both teams is expected to be 200. If you create a bet on Total Over 200 points, and both teams create 201 or more points in total, then the player wins. If the teams score 199 or fewer points, then such a bet will lose.


Parlay in sports betting – here in Lotus 365 several bets need to be made (minimum 2) and combined into one bet. If any Parlay bet loses, then the entire Parlay loses as well. However, if all Parlay bets are won, then the player gets a big payout. 

Same-Game Parlay  

Same-Game Parlay (SGP) allows players to combine their favorite bets for 1 game. In the Same-Game Parlay in Lotus 365, you need to combine 2 or more bets for one game. To win the SGP, the player needs to create all his predictions correctly. For example, you are allowed to create a bet on over/under (total score), which team will win and an additional bet on a specific player. 


Teaser is a type of express game at bookmakers in India, where the player can adjust the spread for all participating games by a certain number of points. Each leg must be winnable, as in an express, for the overall Teaser to be paid out. Though the payout will be less compared to a standard express bet, the player increases his probability of success because he adjusts the spreads. 

Round Robin  

Round Robin – on the same ticket in Lotus 365 a series of simultaneous bets are valid. For example, with the participation of 5 teams, instead of creating an express, where the loss of the total bet from 1 unsuccessful forecast will be, and thanks to Round Robin, the data of 5 teams will be divided into smaller express trains. Depending on how the bet (ticket) is structured, a player can lose several stages, or 1, but he will make a profit.

Prop Bet

Prop Bet – here players need to delve into the intricacies of the game, as well as to make predictions on events or the actions of specific players, which is of interest to players in India. In Prop Bet, the winnings depend on specific moments during the match, performances of individual players, or statistics.

Futures Bet 

Futures Bet – where bets are placed on the outcome of a multi-stage event, such as a tournament or season. Futures Bet refers to team markets or player markets. To give an example, a Futures Bet is about which player will win the league MVP, which team will win its division or championship, or Rookie of the Year.

Mobile Sports Betting with Lotus 365  

How to bet on sports with Lotus 365 mobile application

Lotus 365 has its app in India for Android devices. When you enter the official website of the bookmaker in India, you are immediately offered the option to download the APK file. Then it is required to install it, go through registration, make a deposit, and start playing. Players can in India away from home to place bets, at work, while traveling, or on other errands through the Lotus 365 app. 


Why can’t I place a bet on Lotus 365?

Perhaps the user of India violated the terms and rules of the specified office or made fraudulent actions and the bookmaker restricted the player from creating bets.

Is it safe to bet on Lotus 365?

Yes, this bookmaker is safe in India. Lotus 365 has a Curacao license. 

How do I see my bets on Lotus 365?

You need to go to the main page of Lotus 365, select events, create bets, and see them in your cabinet. 

What types of sports can I bet on in Lotus 365?

This office is allowed to create bets on basketball, soccer, cricket, volleyball, hockey, tennis and others in India.